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Neuro- Lab

Interactive Technology Group has developed modular, easy-to-follow, interactive Tutorials for Medical Students. Each interactive multimedia program offers a simple user interface.

Neuro  Lab is one such tutorial.

Lois M. Newman Ph.d & Daniel B. Harrington Ph.d

The tutorial and self-assessment modules of Neuro-Lab cover the human nervous system at the professional health care student level.
Topics include Brain Overview, Spinal Cord, Brainstem, Cerebellum, Auditory and Vestibular Systems,
Visual System, Diencephalon, Basal Ganglia,Cerebral Cortex, Limbic and Olfactory Systems, and Self Assessment Exams.

Augmented by over 300 laboratory-quality images, it is excellent for medical, dental, physical therapy and occupational therapy students.

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